Trident Silver

August 15, 2017 1 Comment

Trident Silver

This week's blog post is on Trident Silver, a relatively new mint from the United States.  Having been around now for a few years, its quite possible you have seen some of their products. They specialize in high quality, fine silver bars in various weights with captivating artwork and low premiums.  They also produce silver rounds, poured silver bars and 3D pieces, all of which are branded with the company's logo; a trident.  You can find their products for sale from authorized distributors or on the secondary market.  

Part of their mission statement is to revolutionize how silver bars are designed, transforming the mundane silver bar into something with more collector appeal while maintaining low premiums.  Their first silver bar features Neptune, Roman God of the seas with his powerful trident.  This symbol of mythological power was chosen to represent Trident Silver as they try to revolutionize the silver bullion bar industry. From their about us page "Neptune used his trident to shatter rocks, control the seas and shake the earth.  The trident symbolizes the shattering of conventional silver bar designs and becoming a mover and shaker in the silver bullion bar industry."  This initial bar design is available in 1oz, 5oz and 10oz with larger sizes in the works


An interesting innovation from Trident Silver is the ability to search a bars serial number on their website.  This feature provides the date and time of manufacturing which is really quite fascinating.  Its possible this feature could also provide a reference when purchasing from secondary market to verify the item was produced by Trident.


There are currently two, 1oz fine silver rounds available from Trident.  The first featuring the Roman God Neptune clutching his powerful trident with abstract waves in the background. The second coin features the captivating Thalassa, the primordial goddess of the sea.  She is show partially submerged in the sea surrounded by crashing waves and aquatic life.  A really nice touch and an interesting twist from the classic Greek mythology has her depicted as an attractive beauty while she holds the trademark trident.  


Trident Mint also offers various poured products including bars and 3D designs, all of which are stamped with the Trident logo.  A couple offerings of interest are the laser etched designs featuring Cleopatra and Egyptian Pharaoh.  Both have a high relief polish and incredibly finely detailed designs - truly beautiful pieces of work.  



It was challenging finding images to showcase this mint, many of the images were borrowed from Gainsville Coins who are a registered distributor of Trident Mint. If there is any interest in any of these products be sure to reach out to us via email and we will do our best to make them available to our Canadian customers. 


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I am on your site, but there is no ‘tab’ or ‘add to cart’ of the items I want to buy

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