Polar Bear Pours

March 03, 2018 1 Comment

Polar Bear Pours

We're back at it again; showcasing the small, elusive private mints. This exclusive review is about a new company called Polar Bear Pours and a journey of what can happen when you follow your passions. A long-time silver collector transformed by the power of social media, Shane of Polar Bear Pours is here to stake his claim in the ever-growing poured silver niche.

His interest for poured silver comes directly from the YouTube poured silver community. Watching the various artists create their own products really ignited a new passion, which led to a desire to create his very own. Initially it was just a hobby, enjoying the process of being self-taught while creating his own unique pieces. Eventually the costs of start-up equipment and silver reached a tipping point, which led to the creation of Polar Bear Pours (PBP).

Fun Fact: The name for Polar Bear Pours comes from the nickname "Polar Bear" given to him by his colleagues in the military.

"I started Polar Bear Pours out of a passion for silver. I have always felt that silver is very undervalued. The properties of silver are unmatched by any other element. The electrically conductive, highly reflective metal has been prized as a store of value and wealth for millennia. In the age of ballooning national debt and "digital currencies" Polar Bear Pours provides an investment you can hold and own."

Established in 2017, the company is ideally located in Oklahoma City close to Apmex, which is the source of the silver shot used to make PBP products. Currently, Shane makes some 20 unique pieces ranging from 1/4 to 5 troy ounces using standard and hand-made moulds.  

The Turtle and Border bars pictured below are both 2oz bars.


The items pictured below are a sampling of 1oz silver pours: Eagle, Lucky Horseshoe, Miner's Pick, and Miner's Cart.



 On the Horizon

 The next direction for Polar Bear Pours is incorporating new designs using stamps.  Shane describes an interest in early American history/colonial times and is looking to incorporate these ideas and imagery into his poured silver products. Here is an exclusive look at his first stamp design. I think this will look great on a 2oz bar!

You can find Polar Bear Pours' products online at polarbearpours.com and Ebay. He is also very active on social media including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. An interesting contest that was just completed on Instagram was the "Digital Treasure Hunt." There were a series of clues posted, which when combined, were the password to the prize in the Treasure Chest! Shane has plans to run this clever idea again in the coming months.

Polar Bear Pours is a testament to the positive effects of social media and how something like a Youtube community can inspire new hobbies and passions. Congratulations Shane for creating and sharing Polar Bear Pours with the community and turning your hobby into something more.

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Leon Tucker
Leon Tucker

April 08, 2018

Just made my 1st purchase from Shane @Polar Bear Mint . Every thing went great . Found them on your site . Will be placing order from you shortly . Thanks for all the great information you provide it’s a great resource . I have been collecting/investing for a long time now . I’ve moved in to more of a collector in the last few years . Got bored with rounds & the pressed bars . Love the poured silver & always looking for something new . Peace , Love & Happiness
Leon Tucker

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