Le Grand Mint

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Le Grand Mint

Le Grand Mint

Le Grand Mint- Logo
     Le Grand mint is a very impressive private mint out of Germany. They are making very striking rounds for a more numismatic audience. They keep the mintages very low thus commanding a higher premium over spot. The mint was created in 2013, but to ensure they were able to provide a beautiful and appealing product their first rounds were released in 2015. Their founder has been a long time collector and knew the value of investing in silver, but he often found himself wanting to have a few of the more beautiful pieces for his collections. When asked about some of his inspiration he provided us with the following story. 
"Cold numbers dominate the world market. In the pursuit of profit and scarce resources, humanity falls by the wayside. Famines, wars, hatred and persecution are all a part of this wicked game. Where is this taking us?
Le Grand Mint- Coin Obverse

Humanity has been asking itself this since the dawn of civilization. "To the stars through difficulties” is the essence of "per aspera ad astra,” a saying originating from ancient times. This inscription is displayed on the 25 livres / Lira / pound silver coins of Le Grand, thereby sending out a clear message against anguish. Through bold honesty, this embossed piece of pure precious metal recaptures trust and confidence. (Livres is not an official currency and these are not government backed coins, they are struck with this to send the message as above).

The pure silver (999,9/1000) of the noble bullion guarantees security and preserves confidence. The precious collector and bullion coin is undoubtedly a safe investment in uncertain times. No wonder, as the exquisite embossing of .9999 fine silver is one of the few coins worldwide most closely approaching full purity.

Precisely conceptualized with modern artistry and design from multiple design award-winner Dirk Uhlenbrock (Ersteliga), the silver coin represents an innovation of the 'New Objectivity' movement. 

The first fine embossing from our current silver coin series "Wonderful World" is a limited edition with special Le Grand motifs crafted in high quality.
The silver coin "Bullion" gleams as a fortified shield against deteriorating values. At a precarious time in which mass media spread fear and terror within seconds across the globe, hope for a better world is not in vain: money is fleeting, real silver endures forever."

Evolution - What a Wonderful World Series

This is an annual series that started in 2015. The designs all pay homage to endangered species around the world. They are available in two different presentations one in a sealed blister style assay card and also in a premium walnut presentation case. Mintages are limited to 500 in each style, and are almost 50% Sold out. They are minted by Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung one of the industry leaders in Europe. 

Silver Rhino 2015 

Silver Rhino - Le Grand Mint.

For centuries, rhinoceroses have been an integral component of creative bodies of thought in contemporary art and culture.  Owing to its enormous physique, the rhinoceros stands for strength, tranquility, and harmony with the environment.  No creature on this planet leaves behind an image in the minds of people like the rhinoceros, be it as an example for something worth protecting, or as inspiration for some of the most valuable oil paintings in the world. 

A masterpiece of nature which defends its territory, loves its family, and is evolutionarily setting out on a path so gripping it cannot be told in words. It is a depiction of natural perpetualness with a perfect biological blueprint. Geologically, rhinoceroses are a very old group. Fossils have proven the existence of prehistoric rhinoceroses from the Eocene age (about 50 million years ago).

Silver Tapir 2016

Silver Tapir - Le Grand Mint.
Le Grand Mint's "Wonderful World" is also dedicating its second motif to one of nature's natural beauties. Long trunk, grayish, and seemingly cumbersome motions: The real beauty of the tapir reveals itself upon a second glance. The jungle inhabitant is much more than just pretty.  The tapir is beautiful and above all a brave survivalist.  For more than 14 million years, the quick-reacting vegan has roamed tropical rainforests worldwide; Equipped with everything it needs to survive and continue existing in the wilderness. The tapir is indeed a real survivor on this wonderful world.
In 2016 the unique mammal embosses the precious collector and bullion coin "Tapir" from the House Le Grand Mint. Ultimately, the valuable silver coin "Tapir" functions as a vital survival kit in the jungle of global financial markets.  A radiant investment that appreciates in value even in turbulent crisis-ridden years and retains its accentuated beauty forever.

Silver Icebear 2017

Silver Icebear - Le Grand Mint.

Globally revered and respected, the bear occupies a special place in humanity's collective consciousness. This creature bears witness to the global success and cohesion of humankind across borders and obstacles. This is the reason the third motif from the Wonderful World Series of Le Grand Mint bears its image, shining in the purest silver. Embossed in precious metal, the bear embodies respect, strength and courage. The bear is an international star, representing the pride of many cities and regions, from Berlin to Madrid, as their heraldic animal. Its habitat extends from tropical jungles to the North Pole. The lasting value of Le Grand Mint's silver bullion is equally poised for global success.

Hope & Happiness Le Grand Mint Obverse

In 2017, They released an all new stand alone round as well title Hope & Happiness. It has a slightly modified obverse from the ongoing Wonderful World Series.

Silver Hope Faith Love Bullion 2017

Hope & Happiness Silver Round - Le Grand Mint - Reverse

The most valuable collector and bullion coin to date from the Wonderful World of Le Grand

Hope, Faith, and Love ... For the tenth anniversary of the company, the Wonderful World from the collection of Le Grand is going strong with truly great emotions. There is every reason to be happy. The newest silver bullion is the most valuable coin from the "Wonderful World" series so far.

The unshakeable belief in the beauty of our Wonderful World has renewed the motivation of the team to once again put hope in the future. The result is a high-end, unreacted design with loving attention to detail. The "Hope Coin" brings hope, faith, and love with aesthetic refinement to a long-established and secure investment. Never has silver been as valuable as today. The price of silver is continually rising on the international markets. This secure investment offers stability in uncertain times. Undoubtedly, virtually pure silver is the capital investment of the future. Not only high profit potential, but also first hand happiness is guaranteed by the high quality precious metal (1 Oz .9999) and the usual stylish exclusive design of the highest standard.

Hope, Faith, & Love - this is the promise to never give up in order to firmly hold happiness in your own hands. This world needs hope for the future, love for one's neighbour, and the belief in the goodness of humankind. This is a brilliant win for all of us. Minted in pure silver. That endures forever.

Please check out there website at legrand999.de to read more about there products and to see more photos. We are currently working with Le Grand Mint to make their products available in North America without having to ship each round from Germany. We are currently offering preorders for a group buy we will place on 21 August. Once we get the rounds we will redistribute them in North America. 

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Koichi Ito
Koichi Ito

September 17, 2017

Le Grand Mint coins are great coins to collect. I would like see more of them comes from Le Grand Mint again.

Koichi Ito
Koichi Ito

August 19, 2017

I think that Le Grand Mint should mint coin denominated in bitcoins too.

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