The Destiny Coin Series / Macian Enterprises

April 16, 2017 1 Comment

The Destiny Coin Series / Macian Enterprises

The Destiny coin is an amazing 2 oz fine silver round released by Macian Enterprises. It is their first release and met with great success. Their second design "The Dragon" was released for presale April 15th, (Yes....Yesterday, get there).  Please check out their site here to purchase. 

Destiny Coin Dragon Coin- Combined

The following excerpt was taken from their site and explains more about Macian Enterprises. 

"Our mission statement is to build world class products that add both the value of the precious metal market and the value of fine art. We also believe that buying silver should be fun and creative. It should leave you proud of your precious metal stacking while adding an additional coolness factor to your conversation piece.

We believe that it is important to be transparent about our business practices, strive for greatness, dare mighty deeds, and through "Choice" live up to our mission statement.

"Destiny is not a matter of Chance, it is a matter of Choice." - This is a motto that we live by everyday. Become something greater than you were yesterday and learn something new for tomorrow. My father and I feel that we have created one of the most unique and beautiful 2 oz .999 Fine Silver coins out in the market to date.

The Destiny series coin is not only a great investment but it is a constant reminder to become something bigger than ourselves."

The design of the reverse with the knight, the castle and ship in the background tell the story of Clan MacIan and Clan MacLean and the ship San Juan De Sicilia of the Spanish Armada when they landed on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. You can read the full story here. It is truly remarkable how the fine details in the knights armour bear the name MacIan and the year 1588. How the ship and castle are true to the history of that time. The attention to detail is amazing and the artist they worked with truly understood the medium and how the elements would replicate perfectly on a struck silver round. 

Destiny Coin Image


The second coin in the series the dragon is now on presale at this time They explain the meaning behind the dragon design on their site.

"The Dragon symbolizes our daily eternal and internal struggles. The Dragon is weathered, smart, poised and he smells your fear. The Dragon reminds us to remain steadfast, unyielding and to never surrender. "Vincit Que Se Vincit" meaning "He Conquers Who Conquers Himself." "


Dragon Coin-3 finishes

The presale for the dragon round, includes a special 3 piece set limited to 100 pieces only. This set will have matching COA numbers and be further distinguished by being struck in "coin turn" orientation. (This means the round must be flipped horizontal or end over end to view the obverse also facing upright. As opposed to the more common medal turn when the round can be turned left to right to have both reverse and obverse facing upright (Further obverse = heads and reverse =tails). 

Another exciting feature of the dragon round is that the obverse will feature the knight image with the motto surrounding that. So if for any reason you hesitated on the first release or are just finding out about them now, the dragon round is in our opinion a must buy for it's amazing art work and appeal. 


This is the round and mint that finally lead us to believe we could follow our passion to create our own private mint and privately designed silver bullion. The artwork and quality of the round rivals any sovereign minted or larger private silver bullion, and we are working with the same minting team as Macian Enterprises.

We really feel we owe Macian Enterprises for giving us the courage to follow this dream and we felt that their motto spoke to us. 

"Destiny is not a matter of Chance, it is a matter of Choice."


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Stan Hill
Stan Hill

November 16, 2017

Is this one I should have?

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