Beaver Bullion- John Masterson

May 07, 2017 1 Comment

Beaver Bullion- John Masterson

Beaver Bullion by John Masterson is an exciting silver company from the Canadian silver market.  A pioneer in his own right, John has developed his own unique style of hand poured silver bars, buttons and one of a kind 3D designs.  What interested us most about his work was the range of products he has been able to pour as well as the crude or rudimentary designs of his medieval/viking technique inspired buttons. We quite like the story and thought behind everything the mining beaver logo represents. It pays homage to the beaver as Canada's symbolic animal and the work ethic the beaver also represents. While the pick ax of course represent the mining process, and the combination of both represents John's story in the career change for him to silver producer. We tried to capture some of this same uniqueness in our own Pheli Mint logo. 

John is a self taught silver pourer, learning from trial and error in his shop with friends and family.  He has been able to refine his process to a high level of standard.  First, high grade London Bullion Market Silver is obtained from reputable sources.  Next, the large bars of silver are melted into silver shot.  After the shot has been measured out into the required amount, it is melted and hand poured into the desired mould.  After they have been checked for weight and cleaned by soaking them in phosphoric acid to remove any flux, they are individually stamped.  After one final weighing, each piece is visually inspected before being packaged for sale.  

Beaver Bullion is the only large volume hand poured silver company in Canada.  They offer spectacular bullion products at exceptional value.  Branded under both Beaver Bullion and Masterson, you can find stamped bars of various sizes and unique 3D designs including skulls and beavers.

The products we are most excited about though are his rudimentary like rounds.  Using his own dies made from hand tools including; hammers, chisels and punches based on early medieval and Viking techniques.  The finishes and designs he has been able to create are like none other we have seen.  The crude like texture, pronounced relief and crisp lines are stylish and beautifully presented...they really do appeal to the collector in us.  We are currently retailing these products on our site here. 

John is also an exceptional individual. We have reached out to him and he was very generous with his time. He has also been exceptionally generous with our friend, Canadian Silver Saver and they have been working together on some really unique products you can check out here. They also did a great interview here, if you want to hear more about the story behind beaver bullion. We have also been actively engaged with John to come up with some of our own unique poured silver and bullion products in the future. In the mean time, please check out his current products we have for sale as well as our other products. 


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Keith Godin
Keith Godin

March 08, 2018

Good afternoon Phil:
Just wondering if there will be a 7,8,9 & 10 oz beaver silver bar hand poured. Would be nice to have the 10 oz bar individually hand numbered and limited to 100 pieces as was the two that were poured for the CCN.

I have the first two from the CCN numbered 10, and looking forward to the third in the series

I also have the 1,2,3,4,5,and 6 oz beaver bars. If and when #’s 7,8,9 & 10 are poured,I will then be on the look-out for a custom display box for the 10 bar series.

Keith Godin
Nickel Belt Coin Club

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