The Story of our Name

July 26, 2017

The Story of our Name

The story of the name "Pheli" is truly the tale of legend. Well not really legend but it's a fun story none the less.

It comes from the days when Phil and Eli used to work on the remote nursing stations in Northern Ontario together. Phil and Eli were the adventurous sort, and they didn't want to waste the opportunity to make the most of their opportunities. They were constantly seen fishing, hunting or trapping. They were activity involved in all the community sporting events, feasts and dances. They experimented in metal detecting and prospecting. Occasionally they were even spotted hanging around the school trying to charm the female teachers. 

Legend spread that Phil and Eli had developed such a close bond that they were becoming one single entity, and that single entity needed only one name "Pheli". We often used that name to refer to ourselves as we continued to adventure and scheme and it seamed perfect to represent us on this new adventure following our passions into semi-numismatic silver bullion. 

If anyone is interested we would love to share our stories and experience from the remote north, or the story of the amazing fish cake we made (but did not win the contest with). 

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