The Story of our Motto.

July 26, 2017

The Story of our Motto.

Our Motto is Cultivating Altruism. This motto have some layered meanings about what we want to represent and what we want to strive to achieve.

Together Cultivating Altruism is what Phil and Eli aim to represent. We want to encourage a culture of cooperation and sharing within the semi-numismatic silver community. We are not in this adventure along and want to promote the hobby and the semi-numismatic niche for everyone. We also strive to be charitable and caring business. We hope to regularly give back as able and hopefully use whatever success we may achieve to leave the world a better place. We will showcase something we do ever month to fulfill this pledge and hope we inspire others to do the same. 

Cultivating on its own represents Phil and his deepest strengths. Phil is hardworking and dependable. He strives to be nurturing and fair with his family. Also in a more literal sense Phil does take great pride in cultivating to earth to live in a sustainable manner in rural Ontario. 

Eli is truly altruistic. He is always willing to give, help out and lend a hand to everyone. He was the first to volunteer to help out up North no matter what the cause. He is truly caring and friendly, I've never seen him have a grumpy day. 


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