The Story of our Logo

July 26, 2017

The Story of our Logo

Our Pheli Mint logo is an artistic representation of symbols that are meaningful to us.

The initial concept was based of an illustration by Leo Atlookan and first nations artist and close personal friend of Eli and Phil from Fort Hope, Ontario, a remote community in Northern Ontario where "Pheli" use to work. Leo's design was titled, "Go with the power of healing."

He decided to initially draw the medical staff to signify our (Eli’s & Phil’s) professions as nurses and the compassion that we exude through our everyday life, as well as in our workplaces. The eagle feather was sketched behind the staff as a symbol of trust, honour, strength, and wisdom; an image and characteristics that are held in high regard within First Nation culture. The dreamcatcher surrounding the medical staff embodies the idea of protection from negativity and allowing good, positive dreams and actions to make their way through. The twin faces represent the beginning and end of life, the space in between is felt to represent our power of healing. 

The medical staff, dream catcher and eagle feather element were maintained from Leo's original design. 

From there, we continued to add meaningful elements that were important to us.   

The maple leaf to signify Canada and the pride we have in being Canadians and all the opportunity that offers.

    The animals on each side of the medical staff are chosen by Phil and Eli to further represent each of them and what they hold dear:

      • Phil chose the penguins to represent him and his children. The penguin was chosen for it's nurturing qualities and the fact that male penguins hatch the eggs and do much of child-rearing, which is what Phil prides himself most in. The shovel represents Phil's passion for trying to live off the land in a sustainable manner and his growing of a small hobby farm and rural lifestyle.
      • Eli chose the wolf to represent himself as a new beginning, symbolizing power and determination to overcome life's challenges. The plumeria was added to represent a family history of greenhouse nurseries and a personal passion of horticulture.

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