Canadian Silver Saver-Community Member Review

February 19, 2017

Canadian Silver Saver-Community Member Review

This is our first silver community member review and we feel that honour has to go to Canadian Silver Saver. He has really become the hub of the Canadian silver community and a very active and supportive member of the overall online silver community. He has a must-watch YouTube channel that can be found here.

His channel started in Sept 2016, and he’s already racked up more than 600 subscribers and published more than 90 videos. Right now, he is 18 days into the “100 Days of Silver Stacking” daily video challenge.  His videos are tremendously interesting and always informative. He has been actively investing in silver for over 10 years and has become exceptionally knowledgeable. His videos endeavour to stay light & humorous while he consistently stresses the need to have fun with your silver endeavours and always make sure you are taking good care of yourself and those around you.

He is well-respected in the online silver community and has made strong connections to its members by showcasing their exceptional products and channels.  He has also had exclusive products created for him and his audience by many amazing silver artists, including Backyard Bullion and Vulcan 5678, both of whom have awesome videos on their channels of the actual pours of these products (videos are linked on their names).

He has also developed a strong friendship with John Masterson from Beaver Bullion and has collaborated with him for some nice pieces which are available on his website. I’m quite sure there will be a lot more to come from their collaboration. Check out their great interview here.

Canadian Silver Saver is also a very humble and generous guy. He was able to raise a $1400 charitable donation for the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto through his 500 subscriber give away and the generosity of the online community. His recent video of his trip to Sick Kids to make the donation showcased just how meaningful it was for him; a truly inspiring video. Please watch that video here.

He has recently launched his website at and it is a valuable resource with lots of information about the online silver community. He is also active on all the social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Reddit.

We really cannot say enough about our friend, Canadian Silver Saver and encourage everyone to check out his website, watch his videos, and subscribe to his channel.

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