Storage of Silver

February 01, 2017

Storage of Silver

Special attention should be paid as to how you store your silver coins and products. Especially if you are buying numismatic or semi-numismatic products as it may even affect the value of your collection. Silver will tarnish when it is exposed to air, humidity, and certain metals and plastics. Some silver products may also develop unsightly "milk spots", which is hastened by improper storage. Although unfortunately often milk spots are unavoidable and plague products by certain mints. 

Storing in capsules is the ideal option for storage. It is important to try to get your coins encapsulated as soon as possible to protect from tarnish. If you are putting them in capsules yourself, try to handle the coins with cloth gloves and only from the edges, as the oils on your hands will lead to tarnish. Capsules are great because they offer full visibility of your coins without adding much bulk. 

There are many options for coin storage tubes that will hold your coins, but they must be opened for viewing and not always air tight. 

There are many options to control the humidity, most people use some form of a desiccant in your safe or storage container. Those silica gel packets that are often available in commercial goods work well and they come in multiple sizes. There are also many "rechargeable" versions that can be plugged in or baked in the oven or microwave. 

Sealing with a vacuum sealer or other air tight methods can also work well, but ensure they are not stored in plastics containing PVCs as they will lead to tarnish. 

This is a brief introduction to silver storage and ideas, please keep the conversation and discussion going in the comments. 

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