Leo Atlookan

January 11, 2017 1 Comment

Leo Atlookan

“Live life and believe anything is possible.”

We are so proud to have Leo be a part of our journey; he is a good friend of ours and a talented First Nations artist. We first met in his home community of Fort Hope, Ontario while working at the nursing station. Our friendship began early on with a shared interest for fishing...it was a natural fit, as Leo was a pro fishing guide and we were two eager guys looking to explore and enjoy the outdoors. After many trips to Fort Hope, our friendship became more than just fishing trips; Leo also had a passion for teaching and sharing, especially traditional learnings. We are thankful and appreciate the knowledge and stories Leo has shared with us.

“Education is the key to having a good adventure on your journey to the unknown.”

Leo comes from a traditionally-artistic family. His mother, Jane makes beautiful hand-made gloves and moccasins with intricate bead work. His brothers, Kurt and Derek do sketches and carvings.
Leo is known for his abstract, original hand sketches using traditional images. Each element has its own unique meaning symbolizing more than just marks on a paper. Because of this, we knew we wanted to involve him in the creation of our brand and the Pheli Mint logo is based on Leo’s original concept, as pictured above.

Explanation of Leo’s design: "Go with the power of healing."
He decided to initially draw the medical staff to signify our (Eli’s & Phil’s) professions as nurses and the compassion that we exude through our everyday life, as well as in our workplaces. The eagle feather was sketched behind the staff as a symbol of trust, honour, strength, and wisdom; an image and characteristics that are held in high regard within First Nation culture. The dreamcatcher surrounding the medical staff embodies the idea of protection from negativity and allowing good, positive dreams and actions to make their way through. The twin faces represent the beginning and end of life, the space in between is felt to represent our power of healing.

Meegwich, Leo for your incredibly thoughtful design.

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Jonathon Ramsey
Jonathon Ramsey

March 02, 2019

As a retired Paramedic, and FRM Navy, I fully support and love the designs by the PHELI MINT. I also pour my own silver but would love to get their help with a design.

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