Shire Post Mint

June 26, 2017 1 Comment

Shire Post Mint

This week we want to share the awesome Shire Post Mint. They make awesome fantasy inspired coins and licensed coins from many major franchises including; Game of Thrones™, The Lord of the Rings™, The Hobbit™, The Wheel of Time™, The Kingkiller Chronicle™, Conan® the Barbarian, and The Demon Cycle. 

Coin Making Tools 

Shire Post Mint is a family run, private mint that uses very traditional methods to make very unique coins and medals. The geek in me loves the fantasy themed items and licensed products. They explain the whole process in details on their website here, but we will provide a brief overview. They start with the design of the coins, based on historical pieces or descriptions from literature or film they are based on. The dies are then created from the art designs and here much of this process is done by hand with chisels and punches. The blanks are then minted/pressed with the dies. They have many different minting presses including a vintage screw press they used in many of their first products. Once the coins are minted the need to be finished and packaged. 

Shire Post Mint- Vintage Screw Press

They do make many of there coins in silver including coin silver, sterling silver and fine silver. Their 1 ounce Silver Daler of NEW DALE™ inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, is made in 0.999 Fine Silver and a very beautiful piece.

Silver Daler of NEW DALE™-Shire Post Mint-ReverseSilver Daler of NEW DALE™-Shire Post Mint-Obverse

They also make a 1 ounce- Silver Strobe Spinning top which is absolutely memorizing as it spins. You must head over to their site and watch the video here

Silver Strobe Spinning Top-Shire Post Mint

They have a really amazing selection of other coins struck in silver available on their website which can be viewed with this link here. Here is a brief selection of our favorites. 

 Shire Post Mint-Silver Product.Shire Post Mint-Silver Product.

Shire Post Mint-Silver Product.Shire Post Mint-Silver Product.

Shire Post Mint-Silver Product.Shire Post Mint-Silver Product.

It would be very hard to showcase much more of their products here without leaving anything out. Their licensed products have lots of appeal and include many very popular franchises including; Game of Thrones™, The Lord of the Rings™The Hobbit™The Wheel of Time™The Kingkiller Chronicle™Conan® the Barbarian, and The Demon Cycle. Click any of the titles to link directly to their product catalogs.

We will showcase one last of their original products and Be Good/Stay Evil-Decision maker-Flip Coin. Once again we suggest checking them out if you are interested in some very unique coins, tokens and medals. Their site is linked here. 

 Shire Post Mint-FlipperShire Post Mint-Flipper


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September 16, 2018

Thanks for the hint! Wow, this is so cool! As i like silver, and coins, and dragons, this was a real treasure to find. The are quite expensive, but also very unique, and i will have them laying around in my… castle.

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