Royal Canadian Mint-Great Lakes set

February 26, 2017

Royal Canadian Mint-Great Lakes set

This week we are going to review a numismatic collector coin sent from the Royal Canadian Mint. Their products were a large part (too large a part) of our early collections. They really are amazing, breathtaking pieces we would love to share with everyone.

One of my very favourite sets is the Great Lakes set, released in 2014 and 2015. These designs are gorgeous, with the translucent enamel coating of different shades to represent the differing depths of water. The coin surface is also raised to show the elevation of the land surrounding the lakes. This is an accurate representation based on the Canadian Hydrographic Service data.

It had a release price of $114.95 per coin, and seems to have maintained its value based on the coin price guides available. I had thought it was so amazing and so appealing it may have been one of the sets that actually take off in price, but that doesn’t seem to be the case yet. These RCM sets that sky-rocket in value are unfortunately, few and far between and quite hard to predict.

The mintage was 10,000 coins which is much like their similarly-priced releases from that time. They are all 31.39 grams, 0.9999% fine silver, with a diameter of 38mm. They are given a nominal $20 face value.

When the complete set was purchased, they came with a beautiful wood display and storage case. The case has a nice feature where the coins can be laid flat or stood up for display and viewing. Even the cardboard sleeve the wood box comes in has beautiful map imagery and features consistent with the designs.

All around this is one of my favourite sets I purchased early on, and one of the few I will certainly be hanging onto forever.

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