Canada 150 - Colour by Pheli Mint, 2oz .999 Fine Silver Round

Pheli Mint

Here is a really cool new item, coming out of the Pheli Mint workshop. Eli has learned the ancient technique of hand enameling on coins. These are his first masterpieces and guaranteed to be popular for years to come. I'm sure if you ask him nicely, he'll even included a special artists signature. 

This is a great unique round to commemorate the 150th Anniversary (sesquicentennial...we just like saying that word) of Canada. It bears the official Canada 150 logo with the stylized maple leaf. It has a reflective proof finish in the background which really makes the logo pop (It appears black in the photo due as the scanner is unable to pick up the mirrored details). It was kept otherwise simple to ensure the logo remains the focal point with no additional text or details. The obverse bears our Pheli Mint logo, with the markings indicating it's weight and silver content. This round is 2 oz Fine Silver and 47.18mm in diameter thus making it the largest Silver Canada 150 Round released so far this year. It has a limited mintage of 150 total, therefore making it a highly collectible piece for years to come and one that will always have a special place in Canadian Numismatic history. 


  • Metal:  .999 Fine Silver
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 2 oz
  • Diameter: 47.18mm
  • Edge: Split Reeded with Edge Numbering 
  • Mintage: 30 Max (Enameled version)
  • Grade: Proof with Selective Enamel
  • COA: None

Every round comes in a capsule.

The obverse bears our Pheli Mint logo. It is an artistic representation of the symbols that are meaningful to us. 

The medical staff, dream catcher and eagle feather element were maintained from Leo's original design.

  • The medical staff is homage to our nursing backgrounds and caring and healing that is deep within both of us.
  • The dream catcher is said to protect the bearer from bad dreams and let only the good, positive dreams pass through.
  • The eagle feather is a special symbol bestowed by members of First Nations. It symbolizes trust, honour, strength and wisdom. It is a powerful symbol and reminder of how to behave to continue to exemplify the characteristics they represent. It was truly an honour for Leo to include this element and we will strive to live up to its meaning.

From there, we continued to add meaningful elements that were important to us.   

The maple leaf to signify Canada and the pride we have in being Canadians and all the opportunity that offers.

    The animals on each side of the medical staff are chosen by Phil and Eli to further represent each of them and what they hold dear:

      • Phil chose the penguins to represent him and his children. The penguin was chosen for it's nurturing qualities and the fact that male penguins hatch the eggs and do much of child-rearing, which is what Phil prides himself most in. The shovel represents Phil's passion for trying to live off the land in a sustainable manner and his growing of a small hobby farm and rural lifestyle.
      • Eli chose the wolf to represent himself as a new beginning, symbolizing power and determination to overcome life's challenges. The plumeria was added to represent a family history of greenhouse nurseries and a personal passion of horticulture.

      Type: Silver Round

      Vendor: Pheli Mint

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