Pheli Mint Chunky Bar Version 1, Hand Poured 1oz, .999 Silver

Pheli Mint

Pheli Mint Chunky Bar Version 1

We are very excited to be offering a brand new bullion line of hand poured products. This item has been hand poured and stamped by John Masterson from Beaver Bullion.

This chunky bar is a custom size and slightly thicker than John's Standard 1 oz bars to better showcase the logo and give it a unique shape and feel!

It features a custom logo design which replicates the original sketch that led to the creation of our Pheli Mint Logo. The artwork is based on the initial sketch done by Leo Atlookan, our dear friend from Fort Hope, Ont.

Leo's design is titled "Go with the power of healing"

The medical staff was used to signify our (Eli’s & Phil’s) professions as nurses and the compassion that we exude through our everyday life, as well as in our workplaces. The eagle feather was sketched behind the staff as a symbol of trust, honor, strength, and wisdom; an image and characteristics that are held in high regard within First Nation culture. The dream-catcher surrounding the medical staff embodies the idea of protection from negativity and allowing good, positive dreams and actions to make their way through. The twin faces represent the beginning and end of life, the space in between is felt to represent our power of healing. 


Material: .999 silver

Weight: 1oz

Features: New Pheli Mint bullion design with custom logo

Type: Poured Silver

Vendor: Pheli Mint

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