Temptation Of The Succubus

Temptation of the Succubus 

The Temptation of the Succubus series: beautiful, alluring and tempting pieces of artwork in 2oz of pure silver. Available in three different finishes, brilliant uncirculated, proof & antique. Below is the artwork used to make the final pieces which were struck from 3D dies.  

   2019 temptation of the succubus sketch phelimint sandra deiana

2016 Temptation of the succubus  2017 Temptation of the succubus

 2018 Temptation of the succubus

The succubus coin is much more than just a cool image of a pretty girl. The succubus image has a much deeper and metaphorical meaning to us. It represents the struggle against any form of alluring temptation that may be wrapped in a seductive package but could ultimately lead to your demise.