Temptation Of The Succubus

2020 Temptation of the Succubus  

This is the 5th and final release in the Temptation of the Succubus series.
Artwork and sculpting done by Heidi Wastweet. 


Below is the artwork for previous Temptation of the Succubus designs.

   2019 temptation of the succubus sketch phelimint sandra deiana

The succubus coin is much more than just a cool image of a pretty girl. The succubus image has a much deeper and metaphorical meaning to us. It represents the struggle against any form of alluring temptation that may be wrapped in a seductive package but could ultimately lead to your demise.

New Series Update

We are happy to announce that we are working with Heidi Wastweet once again on a new, 7 round series. We are hopeful to release the first design sometime in the first quarter of 2021. There will be a new format with this series, details and timeline will be released as we move closer to completion.