temptation of the succubus

Temptation of the Succubus 

We are proud to be working with artist and sculptor Sandra Deiana on the continuation of our Temptation of the Succubus series.  Sandra is an extremely talented and accomplished artist and we are looking forward to this collaboration for the 2019 release.  Here is a sneak peak of what to expect!  

We are anticipating the release for this series later in September.  To stay up to date with project, be sure to follow our Instagram account or sign up for our email newsletter.

  2019 temptation of the succubus sketch

The Temptation of the Succubus was the first silver round produced by Pheli Mint.  It currently is a series, with releases in 2016, 2017 & 2018...with a 2019 version to be released later this year.  There are three different finishes available for each year; Brilliant Uncirculated, Proof and Antique.

The succubus coin is much more than just a cool image of a pretty girl. The succubus image has a much deeper and metaphorical meaning to us. It represents the struggle against any form of alluring temptation that may be wrapped in a seductive package but could ultimately lead to your demise.