2018 Temptation of the Succubus Design Contest!


The time is finally here to pick a winning design for our 2018 Temptation of the Succubus 2oz Silver Round. 

The artist at 99designs have done an exceptional job submitting artwork and revisions for this years Succubus.  With help from friends and the silver community we have been able to narrow the designs down to 6.  

The link below will take you to a poll where you can choose a design you like most for the 2018 Temptation of the Succubus.  It's important to point out that the winning design can still have minor revisions done, so please feel free to provide feedback and comments which we can pass along to the designer.

We would like to thank the silver community and friends for your support and involvement thus far.  This has been a fun project and we have been amazed by all of the feedback and engagement.  

Pick A Winning Design