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New release - Seven Deadly Sins

We are pleased to be releasing the follow up series to our popular Temptation of the Succubus rounds. We really enjoyed the meaning and imagery included in the theme of temptation and wanted to dive a bit deeper into that. In light of that we wanted to explore the idea of the Seven Deadly Sins. We used this opportunity to explore some other female mythological archetypes that would represent each Sin. 

As you guessed there will be seven designs in this series and our hope is to release 2-3 designs annually until completion. They will be once again released in 2 oz size, as we feel it better showcases the art and makes a much more attractive semi-numismatic round. We will also be releasing each design in brilliant uncirculated (BU), proof and antique finishes. They will all come with a numbered COA. Mintages on the BU design will be 5000, while the proof and antique will be limited to 1000 rounds. 

The first two rounds will be released for sale within the coming days which will be Pride and Wrath. 

Pride is represented by Medusa.

Medusa, once the most beautiful and irresistible mortal who could seduce anyone with her looks and enchanting flowing hair. She fell to the temptation of the gods and was turned into a hideous monster. Her beautiful looks and hair were replaced with slithering snakes and a gaze that could turn men to stone as a reminder of how deadly self-righteousness and pride can be.

Wrath is represented by a group of Valkyries.

Valkyries were fierce warriors. They were fast, strong and had stamina fuelled by anger. They were known as choosers of the slain and became an ominous symbol of death and carnage. Temptations of Val Halla or hope for victory were no match for their sinister motivation and brutal wrath.

Temptation of the Succubus 

This series has now been completed with the fifth and final design created by Heidi Wastweet.  The entire series will be available until mintages have sold out. Below is the original artwork for each design in the series.

   2019 temptation of the succubus sketch phelimint sandra deiana

     "The succubus coin is much more than just a cool image of a pretty girl. The succubus image has a much deeper and metaphorical meaning to us. It represents the struggle against any form of alluring temptation that may be wrapped in a seductive package but could ultimately lead to your demise."

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