Rhino 2015 - Evolution, The Wonderful World by Le Grand Mint, 1oz 0.9999 Fine Silver

Le Grand Mint

For centuries, rhinoceroses have been an integral component of creative bodies of thought in contemporary art and culture.  Owing to its enormous physique, the rhinoceros stands for strength, tranquility, and harmony with the environment.  No creature on this planet leaves behind an image in the minds of people like the rhinoceros, be it as an example for something worth protecting, or as inspiration for some of the most valuable oil paintings in the world. 
A masterpiece of nature which defends its territory, loves its family, and is evolutionarily setting out on a path so gripping it cannot be told in words. It is a depiction of natural perpetualness with a perfect biological blueprint. Geologically, rhinoceroses are a very old group. Fossils have proven the existence of prehistoric rhinoceroses from the Eocene age (about 50 million years ago).
The first silver bullion from the collection Le Grand Mint


Strong, beautiful, worthy of our protection: Hardly any animal on the planet has so deeply impressed humankind as the rhinoceros. The debut motif of the first precious silver coin from Le Grand Mint has been dedicated to this noble behemoth. The brand new coinage is a secure investment with a steadily rising value for collectors, experts, savers, and investors. 
„Per aspera ad astra" is the inscription is displayed on the 25 Livres / Lira / Pounds silver coins of Le Grand Mint: "To the stars through difficulties” is the essence of this saying originating from ancient times.  With this we are also sending out a clear message against the anguish in these crisis-ridden times of environmental destruction and wars.


Through its unpretentious design, this embossed piece of pure precious metal recaptures trust and confidence with its bold honesty. The pure silver (9999/1000) of the noble coin guarantees security and preserves confidence.The precious collector and bullion coin is undoubtedly a safe investment in uncertain times. No wonder, as the exquisite embossing of 999.9 fine silver is one of the few coins worldwide most closely approaching full purity.


Precisely conceptualized with modern artistry and design from multiple design award-winner Dirk Uhlenbrock (Ersteliga), the silver coin represents an innovation of the 'New Objectivity' movement. The first fine embossing from our current silver coin collection, "Wonderful World" is a limited edition with special Le Grand motifs crafted in high quality.
The silver coin "Bullion" gleams as a fortified shield against deteriorating values. Money is fleeting, real silver endures forever.

From the series "Wonderful World"

Produced in a very limited quantity, in .9999 fine silver.

 In strong stable blister pack.

 Mintage: 500

Numismatic information

Country of origin: Germany
Mint: Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung
Fine weight: 31.1 g
Fineness: 999,9 / 1000 silver
Denomination: 25 Livres
Diameter: 38,60 mm
Year of Issue: 2015

Certificate: Yes

Used with permission from Le Grand Mint.

Type: Silver Round

Vendor: Le Grand Mint

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