Privateer Series: Siren, 2oz Ultra High Relief Silver Round

Elemental Mint

The Privateer Collection by Elemental mint was an extremely popular series. Siren was the second round of this series. 

The obverse of this round features a skull centred over a ship's wheel, with the wheel set over a tattered sail. Entwined with the wheel is a braided line. Encircling the top of the skull is the phrase, "No Prey, No Pay". This was a common pirate law meaning a crew received no wages but, rather, shared whatever loot was taken.

The reverse features a Siren sitting on a rock in the foreground, doubtless trying to lure sailors to their death on the rocks. In the background there is a starboard view of a pirate ship flying the Jolly Roger. The sails are tattered and torn, the sky is stormy, and we have a feeling that the Siren will not pleased as the occupants of this ship have likely already shuffled off this mortal coil already.

  • Elemental Mint
  • Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Purity: .999 Silver
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Diamter: 40.7mm
  • ​Average thickness: 6.87mm
  • Year released: 2015

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