Mythos - The Seduction of Europe by Le Grand Mint, 1oz 0.9999 Fine Silver

Le Grand Mint

Myth - The Seduction of Europe

The first coin in the new series!

With her head held high, a proud woman rides the vigorous bull under the starry sky towards a new future together in the manor house. This scene from Greek mythology is magnificently recorded on the first silver coinage of the new in-house Wonderful World collection "Mythos". No less a person than God the Father Zeus himself carries the Phoenician princess Europe away on his strong back in the fairytale-like setting. An epochal event.

To seduce the king's daughter from the Orient, Zeus once descended from the Greek Olympus, crossed the Mediterranean Sea to transform himself into a bull on the shores of today's Lebanon. Zeus tested the noble character of the young woman with a feint. Stuck seemingly helpless in a swamp, the princess saw the bull, promptly and fearlessly fed him flowers and helped the god in the form of a bull to freedom. The divine test was passed with flying colors. Zeus returned to Greece together with the Phoenician woman and fathered three siblings with the namesake of the continent of Europe, who was named the new Queen of Crete. With this, the lovers Zeus and Europe created a new lineage that strengthened the liaison between the Occident and the Orient over the centuries up to the Middle Ages of our time.

The wonderful story of the seduction of Europe from the world of Roman-Greek mythology is often portrayed as the cunning kidnapping of Europe from the Phoenician Empire. But rather Europe overcame "the horns of the bull with flowers"; means: With the power of nature and love. Europe stands for the feminine power of the moon, which with its compassionate gentleness bewitched the supernatural sun god Zeus. With their ride to the west, however, Europe not only gave the Europeans the name of their continent, but also the art of writing using the alphabet or the shipbuilding techniques of the seafaring Phoenicians. The real core of the myth of the seduction of Europe, however, is the blossoming of the Greco-Oriental culture after the dark centuries at the end of the Bronze Age.

Deeply impressed by this huge legend of the founding of European civilization, which goes back to the introduction of agriculture in Europe, the Dortmund numismatics producer Le Grand Mint proudly presents the seduction of Europe as an opulent masterpiece of coin design.

Product details

Produced in a very limited quantity, in .9999 fine silver.

Numismatic information

Country of origin: Germany
Mint: Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung
Fine weight: 31.1 g
Fineness: 999,9 / 1000 silver
Denomination: 25 Livres
Diameter: 38,60 mm
Year of Issue: 2021

Mintage: 999pcs

Used with permission from Le Grand Mint.

Type: Silver Round

Vendor: Le Grand Mint

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