Duality by Silver Shield, BU 1 oz .999 Silver Bar

Silver Shield

 Duality was a study on how we manifest our reality into the material world.

Quite simply we exist in the Physical realm of Newtonian Physics of equal and opposite reactions. This best suits our critical thinking side of our brain.

We also exist is a Spiritual realm where consciousness connects all energies beyond what our 5 senses. This requires a more creative side of our brain.

The study showed in physical form of the silver bar the duality of scarcity and abundance or limitations and possibilities are at the top of every decision you make, consciously or unconsciously.

You are under no obligation to continue to beLIEve what you once did as you find a more harmonic experience here on Earth.

Weight:               1 Troy Ounce

Composition:     .999 Fine Silver

Mint:                    Golden State Mint

Collection:           Silver Shield

Condition:           Mint Fresh | Bullion Strike 

Diameter:            50.11 mm x 29.31 mm | 1.973" x 1.154"

Thickness:          2.44 mm | 0.097"

Edge Design:      Smooth

Type: Silver Bar

Vendor: Silver Shield

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