2020 Kyudo by Satosan Metals - 2 oz .999 Silver Round

Satosan Metals

Kyudo is a Japanese martial art in which the mind and body are trained through a series of conduct shooting a Japanese bow and arrow at a target. It developed a long time ago as “Kyujutsu” for tactics and military use and today is considered a martial art and healthful exercise. The bow or “yumi” is a 7 foot long instrument made of laminated bamboo. The grip is located 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the bow. The grips placement allows for use while on horse back and still maintain the advantages of the long bow. 

The obverse is sculpted by Heidi Wastweet it depicts a kyudo archer in traditional kyudogi and hakama. In the background is the torii gate at Itsukushima shrine. On the left sakura flowers drape down.

Editions: (2018) 1 toz. s/n 0001-0100. (2019) 1 toz. proof 0101-0200. (2020) 2 toz. 0251-????.

Packaged in an air-tite plastic holder, with numbered COA.

Mint: Satosan Metals

Obverse Sculptor: Heidi Wastweet

Composition: Silver

Weight: 2oz

Fineness: .999

Strike: Satin

Edge: Reeded

Size: 39mm

Edition of :??? (for 2020)

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