2020 Apocalypse Trade Unit: One Shot Rx by Pheli Mint, 1oz .999 Fine Silver

Pheli Mint

Apocalypse Silver Trade Unit: Good For One Shot

Dr Happy promo video

This new series is inspired by our interest in collecting vintage silver trade units. The series takes place in a futuristic, post apocalypse world where silver can used as a type of currency to barter in exchange for goods. 

 Good for one shot of Dr Happy prescription grade pharmaceuticals...alcohol...cure all elixir. Whether you are feeling down, anxious, tired, happy, bored, in need of energy - Dr Happy Rx is the shot you need! 

The obverse bears a classic mushroom cloud depicting the defining moment of the beginning of the Apocalypse and the need for the silver trade unit.

This series is in collaboration with Beaver Bullion who hand made the dies for this project. If it is popular enough, we will continue the series with other thoughtful and creative designs which may be relevant in an apocalyptic world.


Material: .999 silver

Weight: 1oz

Silver Trade Unit: Good for One Shot

Type: Poured Silver

Vendor: Pheli Mint

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