2018 Tsurukame by Satosan Metals - BU 1 oz .999 Silver Round

Satosan Metals

For the year 2018 in a continuing series of Japanese themed .999 rounds this BU struck round is called “Tsurukame” 鶴亀 soo-roo-kah-may. The primary design will be used for an edition of 550 pieces and consecutively edge numbered year over year. A new reverse design will be added each year of issue. Serial numbers for 2018 start at 0151 and continue to 0250 currently.

The “Tsuru” is a commonly used symbol in Asia to represent longevity. In Japan the “Tsuru” is said to live 1000 years. It represents love and fidelity because they pair for life. The “Minogame” is said to live 10,000 years and is one of the four celestial guardians (North, South, East, and, West). The seaweed tail on the “Minogame” is due to its long life and experiences while transiting the sea and earth. Together they represent peace, and longevity.

The obverse is sculpted beautifully by Luigi Badia. The Minogame among the stylized ocean waves as the Tsuru flies over head.

The reverse of the round is a depiction of the bridge at Kintal-Kyo in Yamaguchi prefecture with the Satosan mark among the clouds.


This round is planned to be produced until an edition of 550 pieces is reached. Different reverse dies used each year. Serial numbers will continue consecutively throughout the minting period.

We are pleased to continue to offer a wide selection of privately minted rounds and continue to establish ourselves as your one stop for all the most unique bullion offerings. 


Weight:               1 Troy Ounce

Composition:     .999 Fine Silver

Mint:                    Satosan Metals

Condition:           BU in mint sealed capsule

Edge Design:      Reeded with Edge Numbers

Year:                   2018

Packaging:         Certificate of Authenticity included

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