Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales!

This year we have our most exciting Black Friday sale ever!

How about silver at spot, free gift cards and deep discounts!


SILVER AT SPOT!!! Door Crasher Special!

Everyone is eligible to purchase 1 Oz silver at the spot price at 10am EST- Friday November 27th.

This will be a random piece of our choice from any item in inventory.

Limited to one per customer, while supplies last.


Free Gift Cards!

Not only are we offering gift cards for purchase for the first time (these would make great gifts for friends and family), but we are also giving them away on any purchase of our Antique Finish - Temptation of the Succubus Silver Rounds.

This promotion is applicable to all years and any quantity.

1 Antique Succubus = $10 gift card

5 Antique Succubus = $50 gift card

50 Antique Succubus = $500 gift card

*Values in USD


Deep Discounts!

Did we mention the other discounts! All our other Temptation of the Succubus rounds will also be on sale as well.

We are also offering huge discounts on our Wounded Healers Silver Rounds.

We have dropped over $35 off the complete set if you want to buy all 4 rounds in the series!


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