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2018 Trumpty Dumpty by Silver Shield, Mini Mintage - BU 1 oz .999 Silver Round

Silver Shield

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Trumpty Dumpty continues the Trump Prophecy series that seeks to expose the truth behind the Make America Great Again. 

On a fundamental level there will never be a collective solution to collectivist problems because all sides are bought and paid for. There was no real choice in the last election, just one flavor of socialist collectivism vs fascist collectivism. Both were guaranteed to bring more debt and death to the real money masters of this world. 

To highlight this, Donald Trump gained so much popularity in bashing Ted Cruz for taking Goldman Sachs money and that his own wife was a Goldman Sachs agent. Donald Trump went even further with Hillary saying she took massive Goldman speaking money. And when Donald Trump was elected he packed his White House Cabinet with up to 6 Goldman employees as a part of the wealthiest White House Cabinet in the history of the United States. All of them profit off of the debt and death of this country. 

But there was one pick that raised my alarm bells to the heights and that was Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary. Wilbur Ross is an outright Rothschild agent and is known as the King of Bankruptcy. Wilbur Ross began his relationship with Donald Trump in Trump’s 1990 bankruptcy. Ross worked directly for Rothschild Inc. and stepped in to negotiate with the heavily indebted Trump and his bond holders. The bond holders took a hit and Trump was left in charge. When Ross was asked why Rothschild stepped in? Ross responded, ”The Trump name is still very much an asset.” 

I have spent years studying the Debt and Death empire and the Rothschilds and Rockefellers that own and control our world through their privately owned Central Banks. These men thrive off of wars, stock market crashes, currency crisis and generational debt. The most glaring was the collapse of the Soviet Union when the International Bankers ended their support of the Soviets and collapsed the empire. Young 20-30 year old Jewish men that were cab drivers, scientists and teachers suddenly became Billionaire Russian Oligarchs as front men for hot Rothschild money coming in to buy up all the state assets for pennies on the dollar. 

Trump despite all of his rhetoric is put into place to be the fall guy when the American Empire collapses under his watch. The banksters are in place to further centralize power and be behind the next generation of young socialists that they will rise up in response to “Trump’s failure”. This would follow the same pattern of the successful businessman turned President Herbert Hoover that ushered in the Great Depression, Socialist Roosevelt and World War 2. 

 Trump Prophecy Series #9

Weight:               1 Troy Ounce

Composition:     .999 Fine Silver

Mint:                    Golden State Mint

Mintage:             2,359

Collection:           Silver Shield

Condition:           Mint Fresh | Bullion Strike

Diameter:            39.3 mm | 1.55"

Thickness:          3.2 mm | 0.125"

Edge Design:      Reeded

Year:                   2018

Packaging:         Certificate of Authenticity included

Type: Silver Round

Vendor: Silver Shield

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